eCommerce Fulfillment

Pick and pack order fulfillment

eCommerce Fulfillment is Relentless Fulfillment shipping your products directly to your customers when they buy from you. We offer direct integrations to your marketplace accounts like Shopify, Amazon, and Magento, check out our Integrations page for all the details.

Key Benefits of Relentless Fulfillment:

  • Accuracy! Tired of dealing with miss-picks and miss-ships, we take 100% responsibility if for these and will correct the error at no cost to you!
  • Speed! Want to offer same-day shipping? We will work out the perfect cutoff time for your business so that we can get your orders out the same day!
  • Shipping Cost! Turn shipping into a profit center. Leverage our carriers and offer an upcharge to expedited shipping while still being able to ship at ground pricing! Leverage our combined high-volume negotiated carrier rates for your business today!
  • Transparency! We give you access to your very own web portal that you can view all inventory events and history 24/7. Sign up for notifications on inbound, cycle counts, outbound, kitting, and more. Enter manual shipments, create FBA Inbound requests, all with real-time visibility to warehouse actions!

Step 1:

We load all of your inventory data into our system, we can do this by downloading from your store/marketplace, you are sending us an Excel File or you can upload directly through your dedicated web portal.

Step 2:

You provide any special instructions per SKU through the web portal. A lot of our customers like to sell “Virtual Kits” these are kits that are a unique ASIN on Amazon, but the inventory can be used in multiple kits and is picked and kitted only when it is sold. These kits can be set up and controlled by you through the web portal.

Step 3:

We integrate directly to your marketplace/shopping cart accounts and push available inventories. Including “available-to-build” inventories for your predefined virtual kits.

Step 4:

When orders happen on your marketplace/shopping cart, they automatically flow into our system. They then are placed into the most cost-efficient packaging and shipped with the cheapest carrier that will deliver within the date promised to the customer. All settings are customizable by your team.

Step 5:

Tracking and fulfillment details are pushed back to your marketplace/shopping cart so that your customer can be notified that their products are on the way.

Container Receiving and Cross Docking

Since we are located in Reno, NV we save you money on drayage from the west coast ports. We can store, FBA Inbound, B2B or direct to consumer fulfill your inventory. We get your inventory checked in, and ready for fulfillment FAST, EFFICIENT, and AFFORDABLE!

Kitting, Packaging, and Assembly

In this day and age, you need to set yourself apart. Our clients have found that custom kitting is a fantastic way to do just that. If you don’t get the finished kits from the manufacturer that is ok with us. Relentless Fulfillment provides a wide range of kitting, assembly, and repackaging services to meet your requirements.

Relentless can build at the time of order allowing your inventory flexibility to be offered in many different configurations, or we can leverage the efficiency of a high-volume kitting process for your big movers.

Benefits of Kitting:

Kitting is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition, by combining multiple raw MPNs into a bundle or kit you are creating something new and unique. Done properly can be a game-changer in the eCom world.

  1. Increase average order value (AoV), kitting encourages customers to purchase more products at one time. That magic AoV or items per order are what drive profits in the eCommerce world.
  2. Insert cards or promotional materials can be included to get customers coming back to purchase from you directly.
  3. PreBuilding kits can leverage doing high-velocity kits in bulk thereby reducing pick and pack fulfillment fees.

Relentless Fulfillment Kitting Services:

  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Build-to-Order
  • Build-to-Stock
  • Kit Inbound to FBA
  • Labeling & Packaging – Clamshell, Shrink-wrap, blister pack or cartonize
  • For custom requirements, contact us.
Custom order kitting, packaging, and assembly