Kitting, Packaging, and Assembly

In this day and age, you need to set yourself apart. Our clients have found that custom kitting is a fantastic way to do just that. If you don’t get the finished kits from the manufacturer that is ok with us. Relentless Fulfillment provides a wide range of kitting, assembly, and repackaging services to meet your requirements.

Relentless can build at the time of order allowing your inventory flexibility to be offered in many different configurations, or we can leverage the efficiency of a high-volume kitting process for your big movers.

Benefits of Kitting:

Kitting is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition, by combining multiple raw MPNs into a bundle or kit you are creating something new and unique. Done properly can be a game-changer in the eCom world.

  1. Increase average order value (AoV), kitting encourages customers to purchase more products at one time. That magic AoV or items per order are what drive profits in the eCommerce world.
  2. Insert cards or promotional materials can be included to get customers coming back to purchase from you directly.
  3. PreBuilding kits can leverage doing high-velocity kits in bulk thereby reducing pick and pack fulfillment fees.

Relentless Fulfillment Kitting Services:

  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Build-to-Order
  • Build-to-Stock
  • Kit Inbound to FBA
  • Labeling & Packaging – Clamshell, Shrink-wrap, blister pack or cartonize
  • For custom requirements, contact us.

Kitting can be an excellent marketing strategy in a lot of different ways, contact us for a custom quote.