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We did FBA Inbound Prep for years and finally got sick of all the inefficiencies with Seller Central, thousands of PDF files, label resizer programs, and rolls and rolls of labels in baggies. So, we custom built the most streamlined and efficient FBA Prep software available!

We leveraged our experience, knowledge, and scale to develop software that would make FBA inbound prep simple, easy and accurate.


Developed on the brand-new Amazon SP-API. Our software creates shipments from scratch or syncs existing shipments from your Seller Central account, and handles 100% of the item, carton, pallet, and shipping label creation process!


Label your products correctly and accurately to avoid delays or additional fees on when Amazon is receiving your products.


Pack single SKU or multi-SKU cartons and print carton labels in real-time, don’t go back and touch cartons multiple times ever again for LTL shipments.

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