Streamlining Growth with Relentless Fulfillment

Outdoor women’s clothing brand accelerated B2B and DTC growth with the help of Relentless Fulfillment’s unmatched TLC.


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, managing logistics and fulfillment is a critical aspect of ensuring customer satisfaction and sustaining business growth. Facing challenges stemming from rapid growth, Wondery Outdoors, a prominent outdoor women's clothing brand, partnered with Relentless Fulfillment, a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider to deliver outsourced fulfillment services serving their B2B retail partnerships and direct-to-consumer order fulfillment.




Increase in B2B Orders Fulfilled



Increase in DTC Items Shipped



Increase in SKUs Managed

“Relentless Fulfillment has played a big part in making sure that our customers are happy during all of this growth."

Nina Bhatia (1)

Nina Bhatia

Director of Operations Wondery Outdoors


Wondery, whose mission is to empower women and minorities to embrace the outdoors, faced a turning point in its business when its Parks of the USA Water Bottle became a viral hit, making it their best-selling product and challenging its operational capabilities. The surge in demand presented the in-house team with logistical challenges that they couldn't efficiently handle while also managing day-to-day operations for their business and continuously working to expand their sales and brand awareness.

Initial Hurdles

After Initially working with a large, nationally known 3PL before transitioning to Relentless Fulfillment, Nina Bhatia, Director of Operations at Wondery Brand, cited a lack of communication as one of the biggest challenges their team was facing. With no dedicated point of contact and a revolving door of customer support members, Bhatia’s team struggled to resolve issues that ultimately impacted inventory management and customer satisfaction.

"Their [former provider] communication was just not great. Anytime we had an issue, it was like they would send us to a general inbox or a general email address. There was no one person to go to for a quick resolution."

She needed a partner who could offer personalized support with a main point of contact and dedicated support team and who could help optimize the inventory management and fulfillment processes.

Choosing Relentless Fulfillment

After exploring multiple 3PL options, Wondery chose Relentless Fulfillment for their DTC ecommerce fulfillment partner, based on recommendations and the promise of a more personalized and efficient client experience. Bhatia emphasized the importance of having a dedicated contact person from the Relentless team, in this case, Sabrina, who plays a crucial role in day-to-day operations.

"They prioritize communication. We have a phone number, we can call them. It's not just an email with an automated response. And they set time aside to make sure that they get their questions answered, and we get our questions answered."

Sabrina and her colleagues at Relentless are readily available to answer questions, work with the Wondery team on special projects, and identify optimizations and opportunities for improvement. For instance, Bhatia recalled recently that the team offered expert feedback to the Wondery team on ways their personalized packaging could be updated to be more cost-efficient while simultaneously improving branding and the customer experience.

“I can’t go to another 3PL. They won’t give me the same TLC.”

Smooth Onboarding Process

Bhatia recalled that transitioning from the previous 3PL to Relentless was smooth and the onboarding process was easy to understand and quick. She praised the quick contract turnaround and efficient handling of the logistics involved in moving their inventory.

"The onboarding process, in general, was really smooth. We got the contract within a few days, signed it quickly, and got everything set up. There were no major delays or issues. It was pretty easy given, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a big transition having to get everything going with a new 3PL.”

Results and Impact on Business

Since partnering with Relentless, Wondery's business has grown substantially. She credits Relentless with being a part of that growth, through their improved order fulfillment, quick putaway turnaround times, accurate inventory control, and prompt, accommodating customer service practices.

"The biggest thing that stood out is how quickly they're able to fulfill things and get things into inventory. Their turnaround time with communication, scanning inventory, and getting products out has just been the best. I don’t have to wonder how long it’s going to take for Relentless to scan our inventory. If our bottles get delivered, I know they will be in inventory that day.”

Customer Satisfaction and Growth

The partnership has positively influenced Wondery's customer satisfaction, as issues related to shipping delays and order accuracy have been reduced. Now, they are always up-to-date with orders, and with improved insights into inventory, can quickly get orders out the door -- most orders are turned around the same day.

Since partnering with Relentless, Wondery’s B2B and DTC orders have grown dramatically. IN less than a year, they’ve seen:

  • 649 SKUs added - a 16,000% increase from their initial SKU count of just four products
  • 281% Increase in B2B Orders
  • 82% Increase in DTC Orders
  • 170% Increase in DTC Items Shipped

This support and growth has allowed Wondery to close their internal warehouse and focus more on sales and marketing. Knowing she has a true partner in Relentless Fulfillment allows Nina to focus on production and minimize the amount of time she needs to spend on finding answers or putting out fires.

“Working with Nina and the Wondery team has been a great experience. The collaboration and open communication helps us do our best work for them. At RF, we believe in a mutually beneficial relationship where your success is our success!”

- Navneet Prashar, Director of Operations at Relentless Fulfillment

"Their communication is so important. They've helped us fulfill some of our bigger retail orders [for REI and Backcountry] and they prioritize making sure all our questions are answered. They’re always trying to work with us on how to improve things and what they’ve noticed on their end. That makes a huge difference.


Bhatia confidently recommends Relentless Fulfillment to other companies experiencing growth and looking for a 3PL partner that prioritizes communication, responsiveness, and personalized support.

"I would definitely recommend Relentless Fulfillment for any company looking for constant communication and a dedicated partner. They really care about making sure their clients are happy."


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